In Spring 2020, we contracted with Don Jacobs, engineer for the Manitou Incline. He provided a very clever plan for temporary short term repairs to the Koko Crater Stairs that will be installed by the Kokonut Koalition. This is a very unusual engineering challenge and Don is one of the few engineers in the world with experience on such projects. 

Koko Crater Engineering Plan for Temporary Repairs to the Tramway

Rail Measurements

DPR spent most of the summer purchasing materials to allow us to cover all the "high priority" repairs in our plan. We spent most of summer 2020 building a map tool to plan and coordinate our installation of the steps.

Kokonut Repair Map 


We also researched and wrote all the necessary state and city permit applications for this project, and donated those documents to Honolulu DPR.

Koko Crater Tramway Maintenance Permits


Thanks to all the hard work and cooperation from Honolulu City government. We are ready to put boots on the ground and begin this phase of repairs to the Koko Crater Stairs.